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We Just Can't Stop Thinking About...

New music. We've got loads coming your way between now and the end of the year. It's easily been our most productive year, and we are growing all the time. Let's tell you the latest.

Linnéa has a new EP out today. "Fixation" is five tracks of dark atmospheric excellence made in conjunction with our very own Mark Docherty. Linnéa is influenced by old school 90s/00’s grunge, rock and pop, channeling the likes of The Cranberries, Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morrisette & Evanescence.

In this EP she opens up about things from her turbulent romances to her struggles with anxiety & imposter syndrome.

Stream it everywhere, and watch the video for title track Fixation here.


Last Friday Emker Cel released Battle, the fourth single from his upcoming album "You Are Everything You Are".

Drawing on a range of musical and production influences ranging from INXS to Jeff Buckley, Battle sounds freshly made for the radio, and is in line for play on BBC Introducing.

A video for the song is in production, which we hear includes "the latest EC Green Screen technology," i.e. some material from Barrow market.


What's this? You wait two years and then three come along all at once. Yep, that disobedient order of Prater Monks have made another new single!

Brother Mark, Father Chris, Uncle James and Saint Stephen have all taken a vow of chastity until the next album is finished. Take your time lads, no rush!

Breezeblock Heart is released on Monday 23rd October and you can pre-save it here


It's always a pleasure to introduce new artists to the label, and this fella is no exception. Please give a big Seahouse welcome to Johnkeyboard!

A friend of ours for many years, John spends his time between hometown Barrow and Cottonopolis, making music and speaking in tongues.

Debut single on Seahouse "If Death Is Certain" can be pre-saved here, due for release on 27th October.


Twix-Wasps? Crunchie-Flies? Boost-Bugs? No, it's the AeroBees, of course. They're back with another stomping new single, which also happens to feature Emker Cel on drums and Pappa AeroBee Mike Garnett on bass and backing vocals.

Out Of Nowhere sees the band take influence from artists such as Dire Straits and Crowded House, and can be pre-saved here ahead of its release on October 30th.


Jonny Swift. Singer. Songwriter. And now, model.

We've finally got our hands on some quality Seahouse merch. Our T-shirts, supplied by our local friends at Rune Clothing UK, will be available to order soon from us, in a range of colours and sizes.

What better present to order in time for you-know-what? For that special someone in your life. Or for yourself. Whatever. Get two.


Still to come this music from Emker Cel, Jonny Swift, Olivia Dacre, Insula, and more. We will be back soon with more news of releases, live appearances and other projects.

As ever, thanks for reading, and for your ongoing support.

Peace and love, everyone at Seahouse Records. xxx

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