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So Here It Is....

Emker Cel-mas. It’s been more than five years since the last one, so we’re putting this one at the top of the tree. You Are Everything You Are is the new album from Emker Cel, and it’s out today everywhere, but especially on Bandcamp (get it today on Bandcamp Friday and they won’t take a penny). YAEYA is twelve tracks of EC indie rock power-pop goodness, featuring all four singles from the past year, plus 8 new tracks, as detailed on this German TV ad which we hope you love as much as it confused us.


Jonny Swift has released four albums since Emker Cel last put one out, and today he’s given birth to another! An Awesome Dream contains the singles Pigsty, Fanta and Monster Munch, and She Said, and its 10 tracks run at just over 20 minutes. It could be the best 20 minutes of your day/ week / year / life (delete as appropriate). Find it everywhere, but especially today on Bandcamp.


A live launch event for both albums has been arranged for Saturday 9th December, at BUMS. The new Emker Cel Trio will feature the same line-up as the new Jonny Swift Trio, but with a bit of swapping of instruments they’ll manage to play songs from the new albums as well as old faves. CD versions of the albums will be on sale on the night along with new artist and Seahouse merch. Support on the night comes from Olivia Dacre who will be previewing her new songs. Entry is just £5 and you can see more about it here.

We have another new release today! Jordan Gaffney has a new single out. It’s called Just A Little, it’s an atmospheric slice of dreamy guitar pop which you can hear everywhere from today, but here is the Spotify link. Jordan is celebrating this release with a trip home to his home town to play a gig tonight! He will be on at The Derby in Barrow along with that Olivia Dacre: does she ever rest?


As it turns out, the answer may be no!

Olivia has a new single out herself on 11th December. This one is called Just Like That, and this one is self-recorded at her home studio. It’s a beautifully-arranged, sparse production which really shows Olivia’s developing songwriting and vocal abilities.

You can pre-save Just Like That here , ahem, just like that.


Fresh from their latest photoshoot, Insula are back again! Feds is the name of their rocking new single, and Sgt Darryl, Lieutenant Doc, Captain Roscoe, Deputy Jake and Officer Luke will be releasing the prisoner on parole this Monday, 4th December.

You can pre-save it here


Grant Curnow has recorded a new song called Puss In Boots, and he’s made a video for it too! When pressed about the new song Grant was tight-lipped. All he would tell us was “it speaks for itself.” So, with that in mind, let’s keep an eye out for the video premiere on 13th December and an ear or two open for the song on the 15th.

You can pre-save it here


PPP is an acronym with many different meanings, in finance, business, science etc. But in music it means two things to us: pianississimo meaning very, very quiet, or Pearl and the Piano Podcast. Graeme and Carly talk us through the story of their current single Mrs Jones in our latest podcast which was out last week. You can listen to it here but do please note: very, very quiet, they are not.


We will be back before Christmas with more updates and links to new music from our artists, and we might even have some goss about what’s to come in the new year. In the meantime, please enjoy our new releases, come and see us live, and get in touch if you want a Seahouse Records

t-shirt or mug (limited availability but a nice stocking filler).

Until then, ttfn!

Everyone at Seahouse xxx

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