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OKtober? Nah, it's better than that.

It's already better than OK in Seahouse world. And hopefully this digest will explain why, in a way that is equal parts informative, entertaining, confused, and fully inclusive. It's the only way forward folks!


New music from Prater Monks! Their single "You Are Not Your Thoughts (You Are More, You Are Amazing)" is out today, and as well as easily winning the previously non-existing competition for longest single title by a Seahouse artist, happens to be a glorious slice of indie pop.

Written and released to coincide with our recent presentations on mental health, and to promote World Mental Health day on 10th October, do yourself a favour and listen to Mark's fab lyrics and melodies.

Spotify link here, but find it everywhere.


Emker Cel releases a new single next Friday, 13th October. "Battle" has been a live favourite for some time, and can now be heard in all its glory already on Bandcamp

or you can pre-save it on Spotify if that's your thing.

"Battle was written to discuss the importance of retaining your own identity in a relationship, and also to be aware that the person you love can still be scarred by previous battles" says Matt, "The music itself is meant to be joyous though! It celebrates communication and understanding."


As revealed in our last blog, Linnéa is releasing a new EP, "Fixation" on Tuesday17th October. The five tracks are:

  • Blue Crystal

  • Lonely

  • Fixation

  • Mother

  • Predictable

Co-produced with Mark Docherty, the EP continues Linnéa's sound of a rock band fronted by classic pop vocals with, as ever, excellent songwriting.

Pre-save it here.


Our Seahouse hometown of Barrow-in-Furness has been celebrating Barrow Music Week . We are well represented at the various events going on around town this week, more to follow below.

Last night however, we were lucky enough to attend a music industry panel at the North West Music Academy, where we were able to listen and chat with professionals from broadcasting, labels, festivals, orchestras and other sectors of the music industry. It was all very helpful, and we will be putting their excellent and generous advice to good use.


Olivia Dacre has been busy this last week. Here she is pictured playing our all-dayer at BUMS last week. Tonight (Friday 6th October) she is back at the same venue playing support for The Sunbirds, featuring Beautiful South founder Dave Hemmingway. Tickets are £15 on the door, and it's open

from 7pm.


Olivia also plays as part of the Sounds In Town event in Barrow Town Square (outside the Town Hall) tomorrow, along with Mark Docherty and the Haus Band, and Emker Cel.

This is the rearranged event from August, and we hope for some good October weather for this outdoors gig! I'm going to take a hat.

Some very cool other bands from the Furness music scene to be heard too.

Come along, it's on 12-5.


Insula played our all-dayer at BUMS last Sunday (pictured), as well as The Meeting Place as part of Barrow Music Week last night. Fizzy Milk also appeared at The Derby as part of the same event.

Insula's fab new single "Feds" is finished and ready to go, expect an release date to be announced soon! I really want them to make a video for this one. I can see them in police uniforms, can you?


New podcast! Mark Docherty has made an in-depth dissection of his 2023 album Reckless Abandon, which you can listen to on our website or on Spotify.

"Award winning Journalist Isabella Slivers interviews Mark Docherty over Zoom as they discuss his debut album Reckless Abandon, they talk about the story behind each track, Guinness, inspiration and mental health struggles."

Settle down with a brew and enjoy.


The AeroBees are busy! They have a new drummer, a load of gigs this month, and also have a new single on the way, if rumours are to be believed.

It's good to see the lads getting out of Barrow and playing further afield. Do go and see them if you get the chance.

Scott also appeared on Lake District Radio recently, you can listen back to the interview and the songs here


It's the thing we've ALL been waiting for: the Seahouse logo on a t-shirt. We've got some on order for our artists first of all, then we will make them available for you to buy directly from us. Ethically sourced, great quality and printed by a local independent supplier, Seahouse Records T-Shirts will be available to order in a range of sizes and colours very soon.

Now I've just got to persuade some of the artists to model them...


That's all for now. Our next blog will bring exciting news about new albums from Emker Cel, Jonny Swift, and a new remix album from PaZz. We also have a new artist joining the label who will be releasing their new single with us. Watch this spacious space!

As ever, thanks for reading and for your ongoing support.

Peace and love from all at Seahouse Records. xxx

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