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New singles, new artists, new podcast, on we go.

Well hello hello!

Those fine young chaps The AeroBees released a new single last week. Scott and Tom's new work is called No Angel, which prompted the quotable reaction of "cool cowboy vibes" from the Seahouse offices.

Featuring a rhythm section of Mike Garnett (bass) and Emker Cel (drums), we think you'll dig this. Have you met the girl in the lyrics?

Listen to it here.


Who's this mysterious chap in black and white? Why, it's our very own Mark Docherty, pondering his latest attack on the charts. Reckless Abandon, the title track from his forthcoming album, is released as a single on Friday 2nd June.

We believe he has a very stylish video to go with the single but he hasn't shown us it yet!

Listen to the song on Mark's Spotify profile here and watch the video here - it premieres at midnight on 2nd June (that's about 100 minutes from now, as I type this!).


Please welcome Linnéa to Seahouse Records! We are very happy that she has joined us, and she comes with a wealth of experience in bands before deciding to take the solo route.

Linnéa's single Lonely is out on 20th June. Visit her artist profile here


Did you know we're taking over the Piel Castle pub in Ulverston from 5pm on Saturday 17th June? This will be our first stage at the town's Another Fine Fest, a wonderful free festival which takes place at various venues and indeed on the streets of Ulverston each summer. Seven Seahouse Superstars Singing on a Shining Summer Stage. Go on, try it.

Our very own Jonny Swift interviewed AFF chief Dave Crossley for the latest episode of the Seahouse Records Podcast, which you can find on our website and also on Spotify.

Until the next time, it's goodnight from me, and it's goodnight from him. Yeah I know that's the two Ronnies...

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