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Marching on and on

Hello hello hello! Three releases to tell you about today, starting with this glorious blast of energy from Jamie Bosanko. Life Will Do is short, sharp and to the point, and sees Jamie and band in full-on punk rock mode, though never straying too far from the melodies that make him the songwriter he is.

Listen to it loud and proud. Spotify link here


Grant Curnow joins Seahouse Records and releases the fabulously titled Salvador Dalek today. This is an EP, a selection of songs from Grant's live comedy show of the same name which he has been touring around the country. Expect parody tunes, and lyrics about terrifying dogs at barbecues.

It is strongly advised to see Grant live at some point in your life, but until then, you can listen everywhere including Bandcamp.


Our third and final release today is Death Of Dreams by Emker Cel. A change of direction, this one, a moody piece which evokes the dark, scratchy 90s sounds of trip-hop beats and electronica, with rolling bass and chiming guitars on top. You can listen to Death Of Dreams everywhere, especially here, and you can also watch the fabulous video made by animator Andrew Rowley aka Black Hulled Ships (of Jonny Swift MLKMN fame) here


As with all our releases, we appreciate you taking the time to listen and watch, and read things like this. We encourage sharing on socials, and really love it when we reach new people. So feel free - share and share to your heart's content!

Until next month, when we have even more new music for you, thank you once again and keep in touch!

All at Seahouse Records.

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